Fix A Car Engine That Burns Oil

Cheap Way To Fix A Car Engine That Burns Oil

Today I’m going to show you how you can fix an engine that burns a lot of oil for less than ten bucks.

Now cars can burn oil for lots of reasons but one of the most common ones today is a bad or clogged PCV valve.

PCV stands for a positive crankcase ventilation and here’s how they work.

When the engines running the pistons go up and down creating a lot of pressure inside the block of the engine.

If that pressure isn’t released the seals will blow and you’ll have all kinds of problems.

In the older days the old cars just had a hose that came off of the crank and it would vent it right into the atmosphere but that’s polluting.

So now the cars burn it instead. The vapor from inside the engine is sucked in through the PCV valve and is burnt through the intake manifold.

It just comes out the exhaust with the rest of the gas but a lot of times these valves will get clogged up and when they do then it sucks oil.

So it’s a good idea to change or clean your PCV valves every once in a while.

Sometimes the valve is really hidden away so we gotta take the cover off then we have to follow the hose.

Most people don’t even know they exist so they never check them. They’re easy to change.

It’s a good idea to change it out every three or four years or take it out every year or two and clean it with carburetor spray cleaner.

Personally I change them because they have a lot of nylon plastic parts inside and they can warp from the heat so just replace it every three years or so.

If your engines burning a lot of oil first thing you want to check is your PCV valve then pray it’s not the rest of your engine wearing out.

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